16 August, 2011

Little Bird Style Files #4: School Supply Shopping

My little lady starts Kindergarten next week, and I am so verklempt! My little baby, my sweet girl who once looked like this,

now looks like this, and is starting elementary school.

Lately, Iris added eye wear to her fashion repertoire. I like to call the fake glasses "practice." My husband and I both started wearing glasses in third grade. Little lady, your days of being two eyes are numbered.

In other news, we are moving right along as a family of four. Ramona brings so much peace in our lives. Since I was pulled away from Iris by grad school and crippling baby blues, I always felt I did a crap job of mothering a little infant. Ramona completely restored confidence in my ability.

Iris loves the fact she now has a dress up partner. Look at the ballerina dress on Ramona. It is so ridiculous, but in the good way. Grandma gifts are so much fun and silly!

Last week I did a serious deep cleaning of my closets and gave Iris all my old formal/prom dresses to wear. She is sporting my freshman winter formal dress from somewhere in the 1990s/Friends/grunge-on-the-horizon era. I am rather certain it is not going to be in style ever again. *Fingers crossed*