28 May, 2011

Little Bird Style Files #2: Around Town

Iris: How do fashion bloggers stand when taking a picture? Me: With their hand on their hip.

I decided to let Iris dress herself each day, no matter how bizarre. So long as it sort of matches and is weather appropriate. This post features a mini-interview with Little Bird Jewelry Company fashionista Iris.

NO BASEMENT: What inspires you when you select an outfit?
IRIS: I want to look good and I want to match.

NO BASEMENT: What is the one thing a person can do to look fashionable?

IRIS: Try to find clothes that you think are very neat. No matter what, just have fun picking them out.

NO BASEMENT: There is an old saying 'The clothes make the man.' Do you think that is true?


NO BASEMENT: What are the important things in life?

IRIS: Safety helmets, shoes to protect your feet, be careful, and when it rains, you need an umbrella. Oh! And no matter what, just be yourself. The most important thing is to eat your food. That's all I know. Now can I have some ice cream?

23 May, 2011

And a Hug Around the Neck

Last night I caught my daughter singing "A Bushel and a Peck" whilst cleaning her room. We recently saw a production of the classic musical Guys and Dolls at the college where I teach, and she cannot stop singing the songs from the show.

I caught her last week singing "Luck Be a Lady" to her stuffed animals she dressed in hats she transformed into "gamblers."

Throwing dice from her Cootie game.

If you need more of an idea of how ADORABLE it is to hear my five-year-old singing these songs, please peruse these videos below.

This video stars Iris's favorite comedic actress, Jane Krakowski. Iris thinks her character on 30 Rock is hil-arious!

There is something very pleasurable about hearing a five-year-old sing at the top of her lungs, "Stick with me baby, I'm the fella you came in with! Luck be a lady tonight!"

Personally, I am thrilled Iris likes musicals. I am more of an Antirealism, Sophie Treadwell, crazy-as-hell theatre enthusiast, so her love of big, splashy American Golden Age musicals balances me. Now I can finally have a Funny Girl watching buddy!

19 May, 2011

A Screaming Comes Across the Sky.

This is the first sentence of Thomas Pynchon's novel Gravity's Rainbow. On this sentence alone, I am already hooked. I had a very apocalyptic dream last night about bombs raining through the sky and the construction of underground bunkers from this first sentence.

I can hardly wait to dig in to this book. Any book. As a professor, reading for pleasure gets relegated to holidays and summers. There is simply no brain power during the school semester to truly enjoy a book. At least not for me.

Every summer my reading goals are ambitious. I attempt to read for posterity rather than pleasure. I am one of those dorks who would like to put the "well-read" feather in my cap. Last summer I nearly read the complete works (had a hard time getting my hands on a copy of The Last Tycoon) of F. Scott Fitzgerald, thus sealing him in my mind as one of my favorite novelists and arguably one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century.

This summer I decided to take an ambitious route. I noticed my overall reading tastes favor the British Victorian era and the American and British Modern Era (1900s--1940s). I am sorely lacking in some juicy Postmodern reading. You know, mankind seriously questioning their place in the world whilst challenging doctrines and authority, and defending their way of life against totalitarian and/or robotic governments. The good stuff.

I stumbled across a list of novels--one of those lists major publications throw out every few years--Time Magazine assembled as the 100 greatest English-Language novels from 1923 to 2005. Perfect, I thought, just the time frame I want. The list only had about ten novels I had read, so I only have 90 novels from the list to read. An easy goal, right!?!

Rather than start with the first novel on the list, I decided to a) read all the titles and select the one most interesting, and b) select an author I had not read before. Gravity's Rainbow (that sounds like fun) by Thomas Pynchon (he's recommended to me many times).

I grabbed the book on our weekly family jaunt to the library. Here is the reaction from the family:

Daughter: Ooooh, Mommy got a book on bombs. Scary!

Husband (PhD in Rhetoric & Composition and overall super sexy smartypants): Pynchon, eh? You might be reading this book all summer or blow right through it. Some people think his work is too difficult to read. But you tend to like difficult.  

So I will let you know how it goes. On to reading! 

17 May, 2011

Little Bird Style Files

I am the parent of a very independent-minded little lady. This personality trait makes for an audacious little person to behold, but can also make for some "I-want-to-throw-you-out-the-window-you-are-being-so-unreasonable" days of parenting. Lately, she is going through the "I want to do everything by MYSELF" phase, and we couldn't be happier. Pressure off some of the mundane tasks of parenting small ones is perfect timing for the arrival of another baby.

One area the little lady wants dominate is her choice of clothing. Fine by me. I am not in the mood these days to argue about what she wears anyway. So long as her clothes sort of match and are weather appropriate, she can blast her personality via her wardrobe all she wants.

I didn't expect my little lady however to be so deftly stylish:

Fashion File #1: Chilling at the house

Remember, the only rules I set were that a) the colors and patterns have to sort of match and b) the clothing be weather appropriate. And she nailed it, in my opinion. I love how the aqua compliments the green skirt and tights. I am also a big fan of the pattern mixing of the flowers and stripes. A+ little lady!

I read a few personal style blogs to get ideas of how to work my wardrobe. I often need a bit of inspiration when I stare into my closet. Who would have known I would learn a bit about having fun with clothes from my five-year-old daughter.

Comin' Back at Ya!

Well, hello there me hearties! Top of the blogosphere to yer. I've been away for a wee speck, sailing the seven seas, searching for pirate booty.....okay screw the pirate talk. I don't even know what prompted it other than the fact this is where the brain went at the moment.

I knew going into this whole blog mess I wouldn't be the most consistent. What I lack in quantity of postings will make up for quality. No postings about the weird hair-going-straight problems during my pregnancy or what boring stuff I did at work the past two months. Oh no, my friends. Here you get all the musings fit to print! And if you don't understand my dripping sarcasm, then it be best to eff off of this blog and go read something else. Seriously peeps.

Since my last post I've done some travels to San Francisco, survived contest managing a theatre competition and FINISHED THE SEMESTER AND AM NOW ON MATERNITY LEAVE. Heyo!

Honestly, this extended leave reminds me why I am just not programmed to be a stay-at-home mom. I am into Day 2 of my free time and although I have a list of things to do, I don't want to do any of it. Can I sit on the couch today and eat Oreos and watch Swamp People? Because it is on Netflix now and I like to watch people skin alligators. I should make better use of my time, and I am sure that whole nesting will kick in here soon, but I am so fracking tired from this semester I just need my brain to peter out into the ether, maybe not to return for at least a good week. Maybe two. Last year I was so pooped from the school year, I sat on the couch for a week and ate nothing but nachos and watched the World Cup on the tube. It. Was. AWESOME!

So I am back, folks. I will post about what I've been doing the last couple of months, peppered with random pop culture observations, making fun of things, my obsession with music, the family, and the big surprise that awaits us in six weeks--the arrival of my second little lady! Thanks for reading, ya'll. Now on with the show.