17 May, 2011

Little Bird Style Files

I am the parent of a very independent-minded little lady. This personality trait makes for an audacious little person to behold, but can also make for some "I-want-to-throw-you-out-the-window-you-are-being-so-unreasonable" days of parenting. Lately, she is going through the "I want to do everything by MYSELF" phase, and we couldn't be happier. Pressure off some of the mundane tasks of parenting small ones is perfect timing for the arrival of another baby.

One area the little lady wants dominate is her choice of clothing. Fine by me. I am not in the mood these days to argue about what she wears anyway. So long as her clothes sort of match and are weather appropriate, she can blast her personality via her wardrobe all she wants.

I didn't expect my little lady however to be so deftly stylish:

Fashion File #1: Chilling at the house

Remember, the only rules I set were that a) the colors and patterns have to sort of match and b) the clothing be weather appropriate. And she nailed it, in my opinion. I love how the aqua compliments the green skirt and tights. I am also a big fan of the pattern mixing of the flowers and stripes. A+ little lady!

I read a few personal style blogs to get ideas of how to work my wardrobe. I often need a bit of inspiration when I stare into my closet. Who would have known I would learn a bit about having fun with clothes from my five-year-old daughter.

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