23 May, 2011

And a Hug Around the Neck

Last night I caught my daughter singing "A Bushel and a Peck" whilst cleaning her room. We recently saw a production of the classic musical Guys and Dolls at the college where I teach, and she cannot stop singing the songs from the show.

I caught her last week singing "Luck Be a Lady" to her stuffed animals she dressed in hats she transformed into "gamblers."

Throwing dice from her Cootie game.

If you need more of an idea of how ADORABLE it is to hear my five-year-old singing these songs, please peruse these videos below.

This video stars Iris's favorite comedic actress, Jane Krakowski. Iris thinks her character on 30 Rock is hil-arious!

There is something very pleasurable about hearing a five-year-old sing at the top of her lungs, "Stick with me baby, I'm the fella you came in with! Luck be a lady tonight!"

Personally, I am thrilled Iris likes musicals. I am more of an Antirealism, Sophie Treadwell, crazy-as-hell theatre enthusiast, so her love of big, splashy American Golden Age musicals balances me. Now I can finally have a Funny Girl watching buddy!

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  1. Wow, what if she grows up and wants to work on Disney movies?