28 May, 2011

Little Bird Style Files #2: Around Town

Iris: How do fashion bloggers stand when taking a picture? Me: With their hand on their hip.

I decided to let Iris dress herself each day, no matter how bizarre. So long as it sort of matches and is weather appropriate. This post features a mini-interview with Little Bird Jewelry Company fashionista Iris.

NO BASEMENT: What inspires you when you select an outfit?
IRIS: I want to look good and I want to match.

NO BASEMENT: What is the one thing a person can do to look fashionable?

IRIS: Try to find clothes that you think are very neat. No matter what, just have fun picking them out.

NO BASEMENT: There is an old saying 'The clothes make the man.' Do you think that is true?


NO BASEMENT: What are the important things in life?

IRIS: Safety helmets, shoes to protect your feet, be careful, and when it rains, you need an umbrella. Oh! And no matter what, just be yourself. The most important thing is to eat your food. That's all I know. Now can I have some ice cream?

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