19 October, 2011

Space Cadet

Have I ever mentioned how lucky I am to have two amazing sisters-in-law? Quite simply, they are fabulous. They both are brilliant, loving, funny, amazing cooks and the best girlie-girl posse you could imagine.
Jeanette & Jeremiah. This photo is from 2007. Jeanette likes to hide from the camera, even though she is incredibly photogenic. ;)
Lisa & Jason, 2007 BC (Before Children)
Lisa is expecting their third child. As they have a son and a daughter, they are having a surprise delivery. I secretly hope it is a girl so it can be Gale Boys=5, Gale Girls=7. For Granny Carla's sake! She needs her turn at some little girls. But, with Nathan and my track record, we might keep the girls kicking in this family.

If you are not reading my sister-in-law Lisa's blog, All Things Gale, you really should. It is our favorite niece and nephew update site as well as a wonderful testament to parenting young children, experimenting in the kitchen and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. 

Lisa recently blogged about her very early morning with the kids, and I immediately thought, Oh what a kindred spirit I have in Lisa today! Last night was a rough one for the other Gale household as well.

It all started when Nate and I had a date night. For couples with children, "date night" is when you promise to take a shower, cuddle on the couch and watch back episodes of your favorite TV shows. Canoodling if you don't fall asleep. Oh yeah, we are talking ONE HOT DATE!

After turning in around 11:00pm (late late late these days), the next conscious memory I had was Iris tapping the top of my head sometime around 1 am. She had a shin splint and was in a lot of pain. I had excruciating shin splints during my growth spurts at her age, too so I could commiserate. I don't believe I truly woke up until Nate handed me Tylenol and a glass of water in Iris's room. When she finally calmed down, she exclaimed, "Mommy, you and Daddy are the best. You never get mad when I wake up in the middle of the night and need you."

Then 2:45am rolled around and Ramona decided to get up and have a little squealing party. It felt as if I slept five minutes between 1:30am to 2:45am. Ramona started sleeping through the night a month ago (I know, right!?! I pleased the universe to deserve such a gift), but occasionally gets up to eat. Of course she wakes when big sister woke us. After a feeding and a cuddle, I hit the pillow around 3:20 am-ish. 

Then the 6:00am alarm. I turned it off and passed out. Nate get up around 5:00am every weekday. He let me sleep in until 6:40am. Screw roses, whispering sweet nothings and buying me crap--letting me sleep is one big wordless "I love you." I really lucked out with this guy.

As Lisa mentioned in her post, "What makes motherhood so remarkable is the almost automatic and willing self-sacrifice. It's involuntary and instinctual!" 

I couldn't agree more. Even a few short years ago I would waste my mental and emotional well-being on people, events and perceived missed opportunities. The person I am today is well past all that racket. I am truly proud of myself--I went from completely self-centered to selfless without a sense of self. The only challenge is I come off as a complete nutter from sleep deprivation, but the people who know and love me roll with it. 

At this moment my brain hurts, I wish I could take a nap and I want a coffee. So long as I don't believe a lobster is chasing me from lack of sleep, I think I will survive. Tired but incredibly happy.

04 October, 2011

Mixtape Monday (On a Tuesday): Battle of the Supergroups

The last Rolling Stone issue featured two reviews of new Supergroup albums--Mick Jagger's SuperHeavy  and Sleeter-Kinney/Helium/The Minders' Wild Flag. I am very MEH about SuperHeavy, but Wild Flag has some sweet guitar licks and dreamy girl vocals.

I am a fan of Supergroups as they are the emblem of the greatness of collaboration. It is a collision of musical styles and influences: the ultimate postmodern stew. Sometimes it can sound like a hot, messsy tug-of-war for aural supremacy, and yet it often can forge new, undiscovered landscapes of sound.

Below is a little playlist of some of my favorite Supergroups. If you see an obvious omission of a Supergroup, I have a) yet to discover them or b) do not like their mega mush of music. Stop, Collaborate and Listen. (You're damn right...I just quoted Vanilla Ice).

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