04 October, 2011

Mixtape Monday (On a Tuesday): Battle of the Supergroups

The last Rolling Stone issue featured two reviews of new Supergroup albums--Mick Jagger's SuperHeavy  and Sleeter-Kinney/Helium/The Minders' Wild Flag. I am very MEH about SuperHeavy, but Wild Flag has some sweet guitar licks and dreamy girl vocals.

I am a fan of Supergroups as they are the emblem of the greatness of collaboration. It is a collision of musical styles and influences: the ultimate postmodern stew. Sometimes it can sound like a hot, messsy tug-of-war for aural supremacy, and yet it often can forge new, undiscovered landscapes of sound.

Below is a little playlist of some of my favorite Supergroups. If you see an obvious omission of a Supergroup, I have a) yet to discover them or b) do not like their mega mush of music. Stop, Collaborate and Listen. (You're damn right...I just quoted Vanilla Ice).

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