26 January, 2011

Crave This

This professor/mommy/pregnant blogger lady is back in action! Last week was the start of classes at the college. I finally dug myself out of the most insane to-do list and am back to blog! And what am I thinking about these days? FOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!! In my face! NOWWWWWWW! Yes gang, I am at that lovely point in the pregnancy where I am hungry all day. My students joke they always see me with a piece of fruit or a handful of something as I walk the halls. It has grown to such a problem I am bringing enough to share in my classes. My students LOVE having a hungry pregnant professor. Free cookies! Free popcorn! Free tacos (man, I might next week, even if it busts my wallet to buy enough for a class of 20).

Programming Note: Okay, SERIOUSLY as I type NOW my co-worker Ray walked in with a huge box of Sea Foam from Michigan and gave me a piece to try. I love you, food gods. 

I generally eat healthy. I keep a mental count of my fruit, veg and protein a day. I am all about balance. Non-pregnant friends and readers, this all goes out the window while pregnant. You just need something, like an all-consuming desire, and my belief is....you should eat it. Unless it is cigarette butts. Or laundry soap. Or a house cat. True stories! Read your mommy blogs.

I hadn't given much thought to my cravings until my daughter started, without prompting, pouring me glasses of milk and saying, "Here you go, Mommy. Here is some craving milk." If the little lady could drive, I bet she would swing by Taco Bell and come home proudly proclaiming, "Here you go, Mommy! Here are some craving tacos!" Yes, I am lucky to have such an altruistic and wonderful gal under my roof.

This weekend as I watched late-night TV with my husband, I saw the following commercial. Let me tell you, four-letter words were FLYING!

Who the HELL came up with this crap?!? The woman is not craving Omega-3--she wants to eat a damn piece of sushi! Some stupid vitamin isn't going to satiate me--I mean HER! The nerve of Target. 

Honestly gang, we all want what we can't have. I like sushi on a fancy pants date, runny fried eggs are the best and a bottle of beer is heaven after a long day. And I want it soooo baaaadddd now I can't have it. I didn't even think much about these foods when I was non-pregnant, but now all I have in my brain is sushi sushi fried eggs fried eggs on toast beer beer beer Shiner beer beer beer sushi! What a weirdo.

So how do I it? How do I maintain the balance and common sense? I indulge, my friends. Before you go calling prenatal CPS on me, hear me out. I eat cooked sushi from the grocery store. I fry an egg and leave a tiny bit of runny and throw some caution to the wind. I take one taste to the lips of my husband's beer once in a blue moon. Balance is the key to it all. Indulge how you can. And now if you will excuse me, I must call my husband to inform him we are going to a Chinese buffet tonight.


  1. I totally agree! I ate cooked sushi while pregnant. I had the occasional sip of beer or wine (and champagne on New Years). I was never told not to eat runny eggs, and had eggs nearly every day of the latter part of my pregnancy. Life is best enjoyed in moderation. Doctors cannot tell women that it's okay to indulge a little while pregnant because there are too many irresponsible people out there. There's a HUGE difference between a small glass of merlot every once in a while and downing a bottle every night! LOL!

    Enjoy your cravings and very good excuse to chow down! Love ya!

  2. what about all the pregnant japanese women ...do they stop eating sushi?

  3. Travis, I will directly quote you when I return to the doctor. :)