06 November, 2010

Dark Iris

Iris expanded her Little Bird Jewelry Company to cover super-hero costumes and eeevvvviiiilllll disguises. I present to you Iris's alter ego--DARK IRIS!

Try to control yourselves--this is the face of pure evil.

Dressed in Tinkerbell pajamas.

With a ponytail holder weapon.

Below is a clip of Dark Iris reigning terror upon all Texans!


  1. She is so stinkin cute!! And brilliant. Those glasses are even channeling a little '60s action!! Leo was watching the video and thought she was talking to him. I just kept hitting repeat and he thought it was soo cool that Dark Iris was talking to him on the computer. Which reminds me - we need to Skype soon!

  2. "It's a really lovely spa, but Dark Iris doesn't care." Ahahaha! Such a cute and clever little girl. Thanks for sharing this video.