14 October, 2010

Little Bird Jewelry Company

I had the rare opportunity to interview one of the forerunners in pipe cleaner jewelry design--Little Bird Jewelry Company owner Iris Elizabeth! (She prefers to not reveal her last name to protect herself from the paparazzi). In this exclusive interview, Iris Elizabeth discusses her inspiration for the Fall 2010 jewelry line, popular trends in fashion and what inspires her to create such breathtaking jewelry.

No Basement: When did you begin making jewelry? 

Little Bird: My mommy bought me a bunch of stuff at Hobby Lobby. I liked the colorful pipe cleaners, so I started making some jewelry with them.

NB: Describe your Fall 2010 line of jewelry.

LB: It has lots of colors. Tell me what colors you like and I will make something for you. If you don't tell me your favorite colors, I will just use pink and purple.

NB: What items are in your Fall 2010 collection?

LB: Bracelets, crowns and necklaces. My mommy helps me with the crowns. She puts the pointy tops on them.

NB: Why should people like your jewelry?

LB: Because it is soooooo soft! And I made it.

NB: Where do you get your inspiration for the jewelry line?

LB: I like to go camping. And Mommy buys me stuff at Hobby Lobby.

NB: What is your fashion style?

LB: I like to put on all my jewelry at the same time. It is pretty and I look grown up.

Below is Iris Elizabeth modeling the Little Bird Jewelry Company Fall 2010 collection. She wanted me to emphasize you can get the jewelry in ANY COLOR YOU LIKE.


  1. Leo said Iris looks "Pety"!!! This is a trip. I will mark this post and come back to it whenever I need a smile.

    And Iris Elizabeth - Your jewelry is amazing and beautiful. Elena would like to order and pink and blue bracelet ;)

  2. I am so excited about Iris Elizabeth's new jewelry line. She is on the cutting edge of fashion! May I order a purple and green bracelet?