09 October, 2010

Morning Cuddles

Saturdays mornings are one of my favorite things in the world. My daughter climbs in our bed as we doze through the early morning light. She always flops into the bed and nuzzles in the warm space between my husband and me. We talk about what we dreamed that night, what we're going to do that day and what we want to do on Sunday.

The coffee brews and cartoons chirp quietly from the TV. We linger over our breakfast, constantly picking at some fruit. One more piece of toast, one more dollop of jam. We stay in our pajamas until at least mid-morning. The laundry gets started, dishes are done. Inevitably something delicious will start baking in the oven. Sometimes we Skype with some family.

After lunch we venture out of doors and walk to the park, maybe hop in the car and have a day adventure. Maybe we do nothing at all. The pace is so slow, we miss absolutely nothing. We are together, elbow to elbow, all day.

It is important not every day is like this. It would be a shame if ever our Saturday morning lost its shine.