25 October, 2010

Mixtape Monday: October 25

Last week was super busy for this blogger--I started rehearsals for my show, adjusted to some exciting news at home and graded papers until my brains leaked out of my ears. Needless to say, I am counting down the weeks until Winter Break.

With the new rehearsal schedule for the show, my time at home during the week is limited. I am usually home after Iris is asleep, and my husband and I hit the sack not long thereafter. The only time I have with my little lady is in the morning. I get up a half hour early so we can snuggle on the couch before I head off to work.

Fifteen hour days. The last time I worked fifteen hour days, I lost ten pounds (I am a scrawny girl so you can imagine the horror), and my language regressed to monosyllabic grunts. A friend visited me shortly after I finished working my fifteen hour days. Poor guy--he probably thought I was either dying or a totally boring grandma of a friend. I could barely process thought during the entire visit!

This time however, it is oh so different.
Exhibit A:

NAP COUCH!!! I hit this for at least 30 minutes every day to recharge.

Exhibit B:

Tons of snacks!!! You should see our work fridge. Last week one of my co-workers joked, "Did your husband kick you out of the house?"

Exhibit C:
Totally not my walking trail, but after those boring photos above, I had to mix it up.

Walking trails!!! I have a terribly bad habit of not taking a break when I work, except to refill my water cup or go to the bathroom. This time? Oh hell no! I get up every hour and a half and walk the lovely trail around our school field. I breathe deep and I try to focus on something other than work.

Exhibit D:

My So Called Life!!! I brought my friend Mandy pho a few weeks ago at her home as she recovered from strep throat. We watched the pilot episode as we ate our lunch. I have continued to watch the episodes during my lunchtime on Hulu. Seeing teenagers go through their problems (in flannel jumper dresses and scrunchies) reminds me not to sweat it. In the end, my wa-wa-wa-I-have-to-work-SO-hard-at-my-job-I-desperately-love sounds downright ungrateful. Like teenagers.

So yeah, I am getting by. It also helps I am married to the most supportive and dead sexiest dude on the planet. It doubly helps my daughter indulges me in our morning cuddle ritual, even if she thinks it is totally baby. It is great to have friends who who give an eff to call or visit or email, knowing I am in the throes of theatrical purgatory. You are all rocking my world.

My brain is officially mush, so I let Iris do the playlist this week. These songs get constant requests in the car on the way to school. Have fun and take care of yourselves.

MIX: Iris's Ride

"Money Changes Everything" by Cyndi Lauper

"White Winter Hymnal" by Fleet Foxes

"Beautiful Child" by Rufus Wainwright

"Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper

"Golden Age" by TV on the Radio

"Young Americans" by David Bowie (She laughs at me when I sing the quasi-rap at the end.)

"Men" by the dodos (She likes when we both yell AHHHHH in the chorus.)

"Time Frets" by Ze dos Frangos (I wrote the lyrics. This is my buddy Nathan's band.)

"Faerie Dance" by Plants and Animals

"Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

This is the first mix I could find all on Playlist. So listen and enjoy!

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