26 October, 2010


The minds are racing after my blog post yesterday. The very benign comment I "adjusted to some exciting news at home," prompted well-meaning friends and family to contact me asking the following:

"Are you moving?"

To the Pacific Northwest? I wish. 

"Are you pregnant?"
What? I was once pregnant? No way.

"Are you buying a house?"
Not unless the Swiss Family Robinson house is for sale.

"Are you going on a trip?"

Yes, I am planning visit my pal Nathan in San Francisco soon.

"Do you have more than ten bottles of wine in your house? And if so, can I come over?"
If so, I am going on a bender. And I'm not sharing.

My answer to all this? No comment. I know, I know, I KNOW. I am being my typical super-secretive self, and you'll just have to be patient. Something very wonderful is happening in my life right now, and I simply cannot talk about it. When I do feel like talking about it, I probably won't stop and you'll all yell, "Jeez, SHUT UP about it already!" I am that excited.

Thanks for all your love and thoughts. You are the best friends and family a girl could ever have.

P.S.--I ate an entire bag of beef jerky whilst writing this post. DAY-UM!

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  1. Well, now my mind is overwhelmed with even more questions. Patience, Reagan. Patience.