17 February, 2011

Flu Shot

This pregnant cargo came down with the flu yesterday. Yuck to the 10th power. Last time I had the flu? When I was pregnant with Iris.

I am typing this blog with my Blogger phone app. Been in bed all day, sucking on popsicles, sipping water, and listening to the church bells from down the street. I've fever sweated through my husband's Nirvana shirt and about to do the same damage to another. This all too shall pass.

The photo above is my night stand. Glamorous, I know. It is important to note my physician, Dr. Iris, prescribed grape Pez to ease my symptoms. When they run out, she advised me she would switch me on the "strong stuff" and refill my snowman with lemon Pez. I should be right as rain in no time!
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