24 February, 2011

She Moves In Mysterious Ways

After MUCH anticipation, we found out on Monday we are having *DRUMROLL PLEASE* another baby GIRL! My family--making the world a girlier place. We are completely thrilled!

Because we all know this is where babies come from.......

The best part about having another girl? Telling our daughter she will have a sibling she can essentially treat like a live dolly. Iris screamed so loud upon the news, I am certain we sustained permanent ear damage. 

Early in the pregnancy, we attempted to prepare Iris for the fact she may not get what she wanted (a sister) and would have to learn to play with a brother. As my husband and I have nothing but brothers, we used our experience to drum up how AWESOME brothers could be. Obviously, we deleted all the parts when they can be downright turds and totally drive you nuts. Better leave that as a "learn from experience" moment for Iris down the road. I talked about how they will ALWAYS play the evil villain to your princess/queen/cowgirl/superhero, join you on any game that involves getting dirty, and cringe much to your pleasure at a game of Barbies. ;)

We are curious if this child will be anything like her older sister. So far she is the exact opposite. Our sonogram Monday was the SECOND sonogram we had to determine gender. During the first sonogram, no matter how much we moved the wand and jiggled my belly the baby simply would not uncross her legs or stop turning her back on us. She wouldn't show us her business. Even at the second sonogram, she showed us her genitalia and quickly closed her legs. 

Clearly, we have a very shy and modest baby on our hands. Anyone who knows me or my daughter finds this HILARIOUS. We are rather outgoing gals. Will this baby be more laid back, like her father? Will the baby be a balance of both her nutty Momma and mellow Daddy? Only time will tell. And I cannot wait to meet her.

Currently, we are accepting applications for names. We are at a complete and total loss. We might name her "Girl" if we cannot find one. None of the names, however can be on this list. Half of them are just downright ridiculous. Makayla? Seriously!?! First of all people, it is spelled Michaela and secondly that little girl is going to be one odd-named woman at Bingo seventy years from now.

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  1. This is amazing news!! I have a little sis, and I wouldn't trade her for the world.