20 September, 2012

May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Remember the summer I had Ramona thought it would be awesome to read some Thomas Pynchon? Me either. I made it as far as the epic EPIC description of the desk, had a baby and all brain power ceased from thereafter.

I am still recovering.

I finally decided if I am to read during times of incredible busyness, then why not delve into some popular culture?

I started reading it on Monday and will probably finish it tonight. It is an amusing read, despite its incredible deficiencies. I completely understand its popularity among teenagers and young adults. I would have eaten this shit up at their age. Rough leading ladies keenly aware of the artifices of contemporary society, peppered with undefined romances and dystopian survival skills. Delicious. I would have probably pretended to be Katniss in the woods around our home. This coming from a girl who learned dance steps to Swing Kids in her free time......

I can't tell if it is so drab because the first-person narrator is sixteen, or it is just flat out horrible prose. It also feels like a smattering of Deliverance, Battle Royale, The Hunter, shall I keep going? Not the greatest, but amusing read before I nod off. I actually like it for what it is. I will give credit to the author's themes of gender as performance and furthering Shakespeare's idea of "All the world's a stage." 

I folded folks. I am reading teen literature to settle my brain after a hard week teaching Aristotle's Poetics to non-majors and production research for my upcoming play. Sometimes you just want an easy read.

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