07 March, 2013

Them Naughty Words Update

Does anyone ever feel the backslide? You attempt, you resolve, you promise to end a bad behavior, and it creeps back up? You resolve to exercise, have a better spiritual life, stop being so sassy, stop using CUSS WORDsssssss.......and it peters out at some point?

This morning I feel sorta funky. Perhaps it is due to the fact Spring Break is two days away. Perhaps it is because Ramona and I were sick all last week and I still went to work. Perhaps it is because I am realizing I am on the surface very outgoing, goofy and positive when on the inside I am constantly thinking, constantly questioning, constantly fighting against a current that leads to me beating myself up about things that truly TRULY do not matter and are creations of my mind.

I always wonder what causes the slip into Funkytown, and I know it has to do with my physical health. I am sleeping great, eating sort of meh, and exercising not nearly enough.

After writing my post yesterday of how I hold down the fort as a working mom, one thing I failed to mention is my enthusiasm of this life I live can ebb and flow. It always ebbs when I neglect the physical, and the physical is connected to the emotional. I like to exercise, but I also over think the fact I feel like a hamster on a wheel when I get on a bike that leads to nowhere or walk in circles around our college campus. The beneficial seems futile at the same time? See, I told you I think too much. And I like Theatre of the Absurd FAR too much.

I like to keep things positive. I don't like to wah wah wah wahhhhhhhh so much, but today I feel like being in a Snuggie and watching Portlandia.

Farts never stop being funny. Never ever ever. EVER. 

Words of the wise on how to get out of a funk? How to be funky like this:
Sly and the Family Stone....there are no words. The guy on the bottom is TOTALLY wearing a carpet.
I need the inside to quiet down and let sound more like this:

This video is such a hot mess. I am going to dress like Michael Stipe one day when I teach and see what my students think.......nope, they won't think anything is amiss. They do have ME as a professor, after all. 

As I finish typing this, my goof arse self just made me feel a bit better. Out and out. 


  1. That fart episode!!! SO FUNNY!!!

    Now that I am finally back to a regular workout routine, I am noticing that if I skip 2 days in a row, the 2nd day is really bad for me. Like funkastic and not in good way. One of the instructors at my gym told me that Youtube is a treasure trove for workouts????

    And I think a vacation is just what you need. Something to change things up a bit for you :)

  2. I am really looking forward to a vacation. I think it is exactly what we need!