18 February, 2013

What We're Up To

The new house is rocking my world. I finally have a patch of dirt to call my own and shape to my liking. And shape I am.

Yes, she had to sample the dirt to ensure its "yummies" for the plants. Thank goodness she didn't drink the liquid fish fertilizer......

Our back yard is the biggest train wreck I have ever seen. According to our neighbors, the previous owners NEVER EVER MOWED THE YARD. Before our house went on the market, our neighbor Jerry helped the house flippers (a very nice husband and wife team), haul about 100 bags of leaves, acorns, sticks and dead grass from the back yard. The previous owners planted all their foliage so shallow that hard rains two years ago washed them into the most random places. In the photo above I transplanted these yuccas from a place in the middle of the yard nearly 15 feet from any noticeable flower bed. 

Liriopes are in random spots all over the yard. I pulled them up and placed them in the front beds. I also planted garlic, fertilized my Brussel sprouts, cabbages and broccoli and dug a trench for my red potatoes. I also have tons of St. Augustine grass runners from my neighbor's yard to plant in the bare dirt mounds dotted all over the yard. Currently we have more weeds than grass, but we are slowly moving along.

Pictures are coming soon of all our progress. Until now, I give you the most gorgeous seven-year-old on the planet:


  1. Those photos of the girls are GLORIOUS!! And I am so jealous of your green-thumbiness. I just don't get it. I really want to though!! I'm trying to prep myself for tilling and shoveling, but it's just not on my radar. I need help!! It looks like we might only be able to do a fall garden this year. Maybe you can train me before then???

  2. Let's not get too excited--nothing has grown get! ;) I would love to do fall garden with you! Can we do it while drinking wine? I think so. :)

  3. Ummm, I have a really handsome 8 year old if Ramona is into older guys.

    1. Ramona the 20 month old isn't, but Iris is totally boy crazy. I took her to a production of a play at my college, and she has a crush now on the 20-year-old actor who played the king in Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost. Just like her mom---I had serious love for Kirk Cameron and Michael J. Fox growing up.