02 December, 2010

Between the Sheets

I am damn lucky to be married to a husband I find incredibly hilarious. His wit (and the fact I find him nerdiliciously sexy) makes him the best baby daddy and friend a girl could ask for.

About three years ago, we hit a terrible rough patch. Communication completely broke down. We did and said tremendously cruel things to each other. Why did this happen? We were both in an area of self-absorption--Nathan was starting a PhD program and I was desperately searching for a job. We ere also recent grad students living in such abject poverty we felt as if we had failed when really we were just starting our lives together. We worried so much about ourselves we forgot about the fact we were part of the same self. We forgot what a marriage is all about. This is what happens when two loners get hitched. They have to remember to interact. After a lot of work, all incredibly worth it, we are doing much better and stronger than ever. Time and forgiveness and screwing your head on straight does a lot for a life together.

One of my favorite times of the day is before bed. We snuggle under the sheets and talk about the most unusual things. We try not to bitch about work or money or stuff that gets one all agitated. We just talk. Lately I've kept record of the conversations. Below is a list of their subjects.

1: Isaac Hayes is so totally dead & somehow it makes sense he and Beck are Scientologists. 


2: We should tell Iris we are naming the baby Raymond if it is a boy and Mama Odie if it is a girl. That will freak her out.
Raymond from The Princess and the Frog

Mama Odie from The Princess and the Frog

3: Iris wrestled my pregnancy pillow this morning like she was Jon Voight in Anaconda. Hilarious!

4: You DID buy maroon Converse sneakers to look like David Tennant on Doctor Who. Admit it.

5: Are you listening to me? Oh man, you fell asleep. Preggers.

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