02 December, 2010

The Big Reveal

Hey ya'll! I am back in action after directing a play at the college. I cannot wait to show you the photos from the production. Soon! Soon!

My return has some exciting news:

 IAmPregnant Ticker

 BabyFruit Ticker

Let us hope the first ticker is accurate about how many more days I will be pregnant. I am just out of my first trimester morning sickness, tiredness, cracked-out, fuck-this-shit-attitude, and I couldn't be happier. I cannot believe I worked fifteen hour days directing Absurdist theatre through these last few weeks. My body itself was its own stage for drama! 

In all honesty, the pregnancy has thus far been a breeze. I am tired all the time, but I rest when I need to. I am hungry all the time, namely for tacos, milk, toast, mint chocolate chip ice cream, lettuce, carrots, butter, steak, potatoes, bananas and applesauce. Thankfully not all at once. In the same dish. I had a bit of a stomach bug near Thanksgiving, but otherwise I have felt great. This is a sharp contrast to my first child. I was sick with her to the point of losing a significant amount of weight for my scrawny frame and didn't lose my ALL DAY sickness until the beginning of my fifth month.

So yeah, I have a case of the babies. Symptoms may include napping, wearing your husband's shirts, eating like a horse at a trough, a strong desire to watch sappy movies, pimples like a pubescent girl and a radiant glow of happiness.

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