14 December, 2010

Mixtape Monday (on Tuesday): December 14

Been a little lax on the posting. The semester at school is ending and I have some grading to accomplish before December 17th. I also have a slew of "No Basement Maintenance" appointments coming up: baby tests, eye tests, chiropractor to take the semester funk out, massage, dentist, haircut, ritual killing, organ harvesting.

This mix is efficient so I can be lazy. Actually, my "lazy" these days is watching 30 Rock on Netflix with a box of Ritz crackers and a tub of cream cheese. In my pajamas. If I were cool like Liz Lemon, I would have a Slanket and sing "Working on my NIGHT CHEESE!" (Seriously, this show is genius.)

My phone has a genius app--Shazam. If you don't have this app and you are a music lover, I highly recommend it. It captures a song you hear and tells you the artist and the album. It is fairly good. I think the only time it could not capture a song for me is when I was listening to yet-to-be-released Avi Buffalo on the radio. Otherwise it will ferret out the answer, no matter how obscure.

I use the app all the time. I have it on auto capture while driving, I use it at the mall when some funky French bossa nova plays at Victoria Secret while I browse some sexy knickers, and at concerts when the interstitial music between acts captures my attention. Below is my mix of songs I've captured in the last six months or so. I try to also list where I captured them. Have fun!

MIX: Shazam! Playlist

"Blow Away" by A Fine Frenzy (car)

"Diablo Rojo" by Rodrigo y Gabriela (car)

"Walk Don't Run '64" by The Ventures (while watching Mad Men)

"Dance Me" by Telepopmusik (whilst shopping for blouses at The Gap)

"Stillness is the New Move" by Dirty Projectors (at the Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros concert)

"Tennessee River" by Alabama (in the car on the way to the in-laws. This tag was to settle a dispute between the husband. Doesn't he know after 10 years he shouldn't spar with me when it comes to music?)

"Will it Go Round in Circles" by Billy Preston (Arlington Ecofest 2010)

"Boom Boom Pow" by The Black Eyed Peas (Arlington Ecofest 2010)

"The Suburbs" by Arcade Fire (car)

"Bright Energy" by Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights (at a restaurant)

"The Ghost Inside" by Broken Bells (car)

"Las Vegas Turnaround" by Hall & Oates (car. This was after I heard the song and thought, 'This sounds like Hall & Oates. I wonder if it is Hall & Oates?')

"Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster The People (on an episode of the BBC's Sherlock. Great show by the way.)


  1. Boom Boom Pow! I tried to make a playlist on Deezer, but they don't have any arcade fire! Oh well.

  2. You will have to be more clear Travis on what exactly you mean by "again?" ;)

  3. ...oh, i meant to comment on another post. the one where you talk about being inseminated.

    as for this post; what do the lazy masses do with this 'mixtape'? i'm going to need an actual tape. what am i supposed to do with a mixlist?

  4. Oh, I wasn't inseminated. I got knocked up the old fashioned way.

    The mixlist is so the lazy masses seek out new music. If I provided an actual tape for you, I would just be perpetuating further laziness. ;)

  5. inseminated is the old fashion way. otherwise i would have to slap an 'artificially' in front of it.

    well well, my memory was always quite randomly selective, and never really that great. but if i had ever given you a mixtape, it was most definitely an audio medium of some type and not just a list.

    the more important issue is: what is so wrong with perpetuating my laziness?

  6. Travis, if I don't say it enough, I really love you. :)

    Do you want a mixtape? On an old cassette? Now you are making me get out of my laziness. Damn!