16 December, 2010

Time To Rock

This past March, I had the awesome pleasure of seeing The Flaming Lips in Denton, Texas. Even better--the concert was FREE and also featured Midlake! If you've never been to a Flaming Lips concert, you've missed a rare and wonderful experience. They put on the best candy-colored, psychedelic, happy happy show around. Here is footage from one of those people who filmed the show instead of rocked out to prove my point. I WAS THERE, but audience left. I picked confetti out of my hair for days.

The show became a free wristband-less event because the 35 Conferette predicted several thousand to descend upon downtown Denton. Quite frankly the police (imagine I said that like a member of Gang Starr) were freaking out. So they moved the concert to the fairgrounds. Talk about sharing the music at its finest!

I didn't attend the 35 Conferette last year as I was directing a show, but this year I am hitting the festival with full force! Look at this LINEUP, and they have even more to come! My big preggo belly is going to rock and hopefully my baby will get some good tunes in utero. 

The 35 Conferette itself is still small, grassroots, and laid back. Kind of like SXSW was in its early stages before the advent of the film festival. Don't get me wrong, I am not bemoaning SXSW and its "glory days" before it got "commercial" and "large" and all "celebrity." I just like the festivals where I can see some good music and not wait in line for seven hours to hear it. That is all. It is a matter of my very selfish comfort. And, I will probably see about a dozen or so bands at a much cheaper price than if I were to see the shows individually. AAAANNNNDD, I will have the experience with my gal Mandy. Totally win win situation!

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