17 June, 2011

Little Bird Style Files #3: Museum Day

"Mommy, look! I picked out this outfit based on the flowers. Little flowers on my shirt, my skirt and the tops of my new summer sandals."

As we count down the days to Baby Sister's Birthday, the mercury on the thermometer is rising. It is only mid-June and we are already in triple digits. I know Texans have a certain pride in our ability to withstand hot weather, but this year I am exempt. I am carrying around a little oven already!

Normally we go on a vacation, visit our favorite Texas swimming holes, hit up Schlitterbahn (greatest water park EVER) and spend more time outdoors. This year we are more home bound waiting for our little lady to enter the world. As a result, we are hitting up every conceivable indoor activity in the area. There is one rule this summer--everywhere we go MUST have air conditioning. 

Last week Iris and I drove to the Cultural District and hit up the museums. Iris wanted to take along her sketch book to draw any paintings or sculptures of interest. She tells us, on a daily basis, "I am an artist," or "I am going to be an artist and a jewelry maker when I grow up." And this momma is just fine with that.

Notice the bracelet on Iris's wrist? It is from the summer collection of Little Bird Jewelry company. Soon to be revealed!

It took Iris 25 minutes to select these sunglasses at Wal Mart. I have a feeling I will really hate her interest in clothes by the time she is a teenager.

"Mommy, this museum is so pretty it should be in a museum."

"Mommy, can we go swimming in that pond? No? Then WHY HAVE IT THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!?!"

My favorite Iris quote of the day: "Mommy, why do artists love boobies so much? Seriously I saw a lot of boobies today." 

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  1. She is so cute!!! I love her pose in the first pic. :)