13 June, 2011

Mixtape Monday: Future Karaoke Songs

There is a running joke in my house regarding the magical decade known as the 1980s. As my husband and I were obsessive fans of B-horror movies (husband) and pop music (me), we often have lively discussions about stupid stuff from our childhood. Our daughter listens to us giggle over these asinine conversations so much, she now has a family catch-phrase. Whenever we talk about some childhood pop culture idiom, she quips, "Oh is that back a million years ago in the 1980s!?!"

Children think they are so clever.

Lately this stay-at-home mommy mode gives me a lot of time to read and catch up on the world and ruminate about completely pointless issues like What songs are on my list next time I go to karaoke? Below are the songs I plan to sing next time I want to tear it up with my friends. I have a voice only karaoke could love. 

I am the queen of mental play lists. You could unlock the universe of my brain if you could tap into the song playing in my head at this moment (it is the theme song from "Family Ties," thank you very much).  There is always a song, a list of songs forming, creating an empire and establishing a civilization in the corner of my mind. Some people are addicted to porn or riding their bicycle until they hurl. I am addicted to play lists.

Most of these songs are remnants of my Saturdays listening to Casey Kasem's Top 40 Countdown. Imagine me with a short mess of curly hair jumping on the bed and singing my heart out. My personal favorite was the hopeless cause "Request and Dedication" section. Mr. Kasem read those letters with such passion and theatricality. Even as a child, I thought, Adults are a bunch of cheesy saps.

Enjoy and apologies in advance if any of these gems get stuck in your brain the rest of the day.

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  1. Oh shit! PM Dawn!
    You and Tana should exchange playlists. She has the best knowledge of awesome Slovak music from the 80s. Some are on her FB wall.

  2. Found a couple of links

    Check out Richar Müller in the second link