03 June, 2011

The North Texas Sound

Have I mentioned my abiding love for music yet? I haven't? Are you sure? Yes, that is sarcastic me again. It is only the second most important thing in my life besides my family. In fact, I really need to start working on the Labor & Delivery Playlist otherwise this baby is going to come into the world with a hefty ton of "MOTHER FU$%ERS" and "SH&T" in its ears. I would rather it enter the world with music. Add to the list of Things to Do.

I am a native of Texas, but not the North Texas region. I grew up and went to school in the Central Texas/Austin area. In college I began my addiction with live music and the needle tracks still run deep in the arms. From a record player, not heroine! Pshaw!

I have to admit, Austin has cornered the market for many a decade as the only place of musical value in our great state. Yes, they have a high volume of live venues and nurture a lifestyle of delight for an artist. But after living the Dallas-Fort Worth area for nearly six years, I have found it has its own share of amazing music and arts. This post contains the wonderful musicians and bands I've discovered in my years of stumbling in and out of small venues, soaking up live music with a Shiner in hand.

It doesn't surprise me North Texas has so many interesting bands and musicians. We have some of the nation's best museums, a vibrant live theatre scene, and enviable college music programs. Many bands have emerged from our neighbors to the north in Denton as a result of the University of North Texas's College of Music and Jazz. My best buddy Nathan attended UNT, and I recall on a visit hearing Miles Davis jam sessions and rock bands practicing through the music student dormitory Bruce Hall.

Below are the musicians and bands I really enjoy. Keep in mind, this list is ongoing. I have refrained from commentary on each band's sound as their music should speak for them. Also, I am lazy and have a plate of nachos waiting for me.

You may also notice some big names on the list. I also added musicians and bands that are FROM the Dallas-Fort Worth area as well. Enjoy and share the love of Texas music!

THE NORTH TEXAS SOUND (in no particular order)


Doug Burr

Matthew & the Arrogant Sea

Novaak (They officially broke up a couple of weeks ago. What the hell!?! You guys are amazing.)

Erykah Badu (our lovely girl from Oak Cliff!)

Sarah Jaffe


Telegraph Canyon

El Cento

The Orbans

St. Vincent (Miss Annie Clark is from Dallas)

The Hope Trust

Neon Indian

The Old 97s (These Dallas boys never forget their roots in North Texas.)


Norah Jones


T-Bone Walker

T-Bone Burnett (Yes, Texas is known for its T-Bones, edible and otherwise.)

Here is a playlist of most of the bands. Click on the links above if you want to listen further!

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  1. Last week, working at The Lesher in Walnut Creek, I meet a woman who was moving to Dallas to work at the new performing arts center, which I've read is amazing, technically. Unfortunately, I couldn't really think of anything positive to tell her about going to Dallas. Now I can send her this post! Thanks Julie.

    There are 2 bands that I used to really love when I was at UNT. But fuck, I can't remember their names. Had an L in there somewhere, maybe a Lewis? Damn.

    Wow, I just saw that South San Gabriel is from Denton. One of my favorites all around.

    Mathew Barnhart is a sound engineer based in Denton who tweets regularly @matthewbarnhart