08 June, 2011

The Nesting Instinct

There is rumor a woman gets what is called the "nesting instinct" shortly before the onset of labor. All of a sudden one may have the urge to scrub every inch of the house or organize and reorganize the pantry. This behavior mimics other mothers in the animal kingdom as they prepare the nests or dens for delivery.

I would like to argue that daddies and big sisters can get the nesting instinct, too.

So blurry because this sexy dude is a cleaning ball of fury!
The husband got a wild hair up his butt to clean like crazy this past Saturday. It would have been very rude of me to just sit there and not help out, so I employed my minion Iris! Seriously, little hands are very useful for detail cleaning. They can dust the air conditioning vents and scrub baseboards much better than an adult. It totally makes sense to me why they employed little children in button factories during the Industrial Revolution. If they lose a finger in the machinery, they are like starfish and grow another, right?  PROGRAMMING NOTE: Don't call CPS. Don't call CPS. Don't call CPS. They have far more important cases to investigate than this smart-ass mother.

Iris loved cleaning because it made her feel like a neglected Cinderella.

I helped by dusting and scrubbing the high places. When I got tired and needed a break, I dictated from the couch. And I suggested all our hard work merited a pizza lunch. After the bang-up job we did on the house, we consumed an entire large pizza followed by a long nap.

I went to the doctor earlier this week and it appears we will be family of four sooner rather than later. Perhaps the nesting instinct is not a load of bull honky!

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  1. only you would write "wild hair up his butt"
    classic Julie