19 June, 2011

Preggers Update

I am two weeks from my due date. The last month. With the first baby, I was too busy going to grad school to really pay attention. I was lucky to grade all my papers and have the crib assembled before she arrived. Thank goodness she was a week late.

This baby is entirely different. I have all the time in the world. The baby room is done. Everything is ready to go. I even made meals and put them in the freezer. What. The. Hell? 

It is my hope the nesting overdrive is the cause of my body's innate understanding this baby might come a week or so early???? PLEASE???

Mistress Preggy Pants

Truth be told, I am not a big fan of being pregnant. Babies are awesome, but I am not a fan of all the unpleasant side effects of pregnancy. Nausea, indigestion from everything, trouble sleeping, swelling face and ankles, not being able to put on your own shoes without help, you name it. Thank goodness it is only nine months and the reward is so very sweet. 

The worst thing for me is I get needy during pregnancy, and I don't like to be needy. I don't like to need someone. That is a whole other story I've already spent good money in therapy to tell, so it probably won't show up here.

Then my husband gives me an awesome back rub or he scoops me some ice cream. Or he cuddles with me even though he is not a cuddler. He tolerates my irrational mood swings about really asinine things. I need him, especially his sense of humor as he watches me attempt to put on my underwear every morning. Let's just say it is equivalent to a penguin attempting to put on a pair of underwear. Or a really cute gibbon. 

I cannot wait to meet this little person growing inside me. And I cannot wait for her to meet her nutty big sister and her wonderful dad. 

Happy Father's Day to all the baby daddies and stepdaddies out there!

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